Meshfire : Social Media Management Dashboard with AI

Meshfire : Social Media Management Dashboard with AI

Manage Your Twitter Community with A.I. Superpowers
Meshfire is the only social media management platform powered by artificial intelligence. Spend less time managing social media and more time building valuable relationships and communities.

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What our customers are saying…

Believe me when I say your productivity and engagement will increase ten fold!
I finally feel that I have 100% control of what I’m doing on Twitter.
The community was surprised to learn it was only two of us with limited social media time, saying Cyan’s social media presence felt like a much larger team.
Meshfire does the thinking for us. We're now joining the right conversations, and there’s no time wasted managing social media.
I noticed a hashtag some local arts orgs were using for a tweet-chat that we didn’t have advance notice of, and was able to jump in about our youth programs! So awesome. I would not have caught it without Meshfire, for sure.
If this is not the way the gods intended social media to be interacted with, nothing is.

What problem does Meshfire solve?

If you're a smaller company trying to punch above your weight, managing your Twitter presence is difficult and time-consuming. We've created Meshfire so you can get focused, be responsive, and spend less time on Twitter tasks. Most importantly, with Meshfire you can find the opportunities and valuable conversations that you are missing by using other social media tools.

How does Meshfire work? Meet Ember…

Ember is our artificial intelligence agent and virtual community manager. She helps you filter down the noise to what really matters. Ember is always in the background making sure that, even when you aren't on Twitter, you don't miss what's important.

What can I do with Meshfire?

Stop staring at screens all day. Ember, the social media A.I., works behind the scenes to analyze your activities. She suggests people to follow and engage with to maximize your reach and engagement and filters out people who contribute to the noise. She can even find relevant content for you to share with your audience!
Want to automatically add people to a user list when they mention specific keywords? How about maintaining a list of key people to whom you always reply? Or how about a list of noisy accounts to which you never reply? Smart Lists can do all of that and more.
Keep your focus on what’s important to you and get more done in less time. Our unique taskboard prioritizes social media for you so you can take action quickly and avoid the noise.
Beautiful, downloadable, real-time reports track engagement, followers, impressions, and reach with visibility into top engagers, top followers, and top content. Get the insight you need to grow and the data you need to share.
Find the hottest topics in your community before the competition. Meshfire analyzes millions of tweets daily to show what’s trending, and who’s talking about it. Catch conversations and opportunities you’re missing today.
Meshfire was designed for collaboration. Team members can work together to manage a single social media account and you can easily control what permissions you give each team member.
Meshfire’s growing list of plugins includes Buffer for scheduling content, Flickr, Feedly, and Surveymonkey for content curation and creation, Bitly for reliable link shortening, Slack for team notifications, and Klout for influence insights.