[Case Study] How Meshfire Helped Scuf Gaming Change the Game

Posted on May 8, 2016

How does a global leader and innovator in eSports with a large, active social media footprint stay ahead of the game? 

The social team at Scuf Gaming is faced with the challenge of keeping up with key influencers, 200+ affiliates, and engagement on a daily basis. Its Twitter account alone grows by 12,000 followers weekly. In addition to the continuous growth and activity on social channels, the Scuf social team faces another business challenge: ensuring every member is aware of every other member’s activity at any given time.

The Meshfire Solution

With its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Meshfire is a social media management tool perfectly suited for high-volume users such as Scuf Gaming. Built with the key business challenges and pain points of gaming innovators in mind, Meshfire offers specific benefits that have helped the team at Scuf Gaming improve its efficiency and performance all across Twitter.

How Meshfire Helped Scuf gaming Change the Game - Case Study

Whether you’re building your personal brand, or building a company with an active social media presence, one of the biggest challenges is using Twitter effectively and efficiently. This is the challenge Meshfire was built to tackle.

How can we help you change the game?

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