How I used Meshfire to help raise $1.32 million in 30 days

Posted on December 11, 2013
Guest post by Lauren Hall-Stigerts

They say big jobs lead to more complexity. Whoever said that hasn’t worked on a successful million-dollar crowdfunding campaign with a part-time social media team of two.

The Obduction Kickstarter involved a social media professional’s dream: a dormant game developer giant with still-passionate fans eager for a new title. Iconic games like MYST and RIVEN from decades past earned Cyan Inc. a diehard community; these games are rooted deep in the hearts of a generation.

Community is everything

The big challenge was bringing together that community to raise over $1 million in 30 days to develop new gaming title: Obduction. Those fans were out there – we just needed to find them and reestablish a relationship.

When “Cyantist” Ryan Warzecha and I started work on the campaign, I realized this money wasn’t going to be raised without a social media presence. It was essential to stay active socially to keep the Kickstarter top of mind.

Here’s what we focused on in Cyan’s social channels:

  1. Sharing consistent, relevant, and quality content at regular intervals throughout the campaign.
  2. Making Cyan accessible through personable and timely responses to the community’s comments.
  3. Celebrating Cyan’s amazing community members by featuring fan art, blog posts, acts of kindness, and more. We wanted them to know they’re loved and appreciated.

Since Ryan and I had limited time available for social media activity, it was critical to use tools to keep track of outgoing and incoming content. Buffer was invaluable for sharing fresh links and images throughout the day, every day.

Managing the Twitter fire hose with limited resources

But content begets content: Soon Ryan and I had the fortunate problem of being inundated with incoming Twitter activity. Meshfire helped us manage Cyan’s Twitter account as a remote team, whether we were working together simultaneously or on different schedules.

A challenge with managing an account through the native application is that it’s hard to keep track of which tweets you’ve responded to at a glance.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yeah. (via

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Yeah. (via

Tweets turned into real-time action items

Meshfire’s task card system turns each incoming tweet into a to-do – and the cards disappear from your dashboard as you respond to or archive them. This made it super easy to respond to tweets as if we were responding to incoming email. The cards would disappear in real time as Ryan and I worked on them together.



Easy to find and share visual content

Graphical content is gold—especially when its fan created. Meshfire embeds an image preview into cards, so it’s easy to find and share content quickly. (Buffer also plugs into Meshfire for those times you want to pace out your content!)

You can’t miss that glorious fan-made art.

You can’t miss that glorious fan-made art.

Quickly identify most active and influential community members

The Meshfire dashboard kept our eye on the prize: engaging with top followers, rewarding top responders, and clearing our cards. When we hit the $1.1 million goal, that task number jumped to over 500 with congratulatory tweets – it was rewarding to watch the number come down as I thanked everyone individually and worked toward “Inbox Zero”.


Thanks to a combination of social media, community advocacy, and PR efforts, Cyan Inc. raised over $1.32 million dollars for their next game. (And if you’d like to get in on it, they’re continuing to raise money!) Even better – Cyan’s amazing community is back in action.

The community was surprised to learn it was only two of us with limited social media time, saying Cyan’s social media presence felt like a much larger team. Meshfire played a big part in Cyan having an efficient and strong Twitter representation while reuniting a passionate community.

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