Meshfire Launches New Programmable A.I. for Social Media

Posted on November 29, 2016

‘Teach Ember’: Meshfire’s A.I. Now Has Programmable Behavior

Meshfire is the only A.I. assistant for social media. But we’re not done innovating.

We put together a unique expert system that knows Twitter better than most people do.

It’s great for nearly anyone. But it couldn’t be perfect for everyone. Until now.

Starting now, we have made our A.I. Ember programmable, using simple rules. Now you can tell Ember exactly how you want things handled on Twitter.

Looking for people who match a particular profile so that you can reach out to them? Tell Ember what they look like and she’ll find them.

Trying to avoid certain topics of conversation? Teach Ember to drop them from your task board so that you never need to handle them.

Do you want to capture important events and save them for advanced statistics gathering? Ember can do that too.

Or, maybe you want to identify people or conversations that need to be sent to some other web application: Teach Ember and you’re done.

To get started, all you have to do is select ‘Teach Ember’ from the Settings menu in your mission.
Ember is Programmable using the 'Teach Ember' selection on the Settings Menu

What rules will you Teach Ember to handle for you? Got a Tweetchat you want to track? How about an online contest to administer? Maybe you want to collect news about your favorite sports team?

Tell Ember who your best customers are and give them a priority response.

Find shoppers who need your product and record them as new sales leads.

Or, reward users with a coupon or giveaway when they mention your product. Track which of your affiliates are talking about your brand, and which ones are mentioning the competition.

There are so many possibilities, you’re really only limited by your imagination.

What do you need Meshfire to do for you? Ember is ready to help.

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