Twitter Lists Just Got Smarter With Meshfire’s New Smart Lists

Posted on October 25, 2015



At Meshfire we’ve got a new way to organize, monitor and create Twitter lists! Instead of having to watch endless columns of hundreds of tweets fly by we’ve taken a new approach to finding the best content in the lists you create and helping you construct better lists, quicker and with ease.

Introducing Meshfire’s newest feature Smart Lists!

TLDR? Check out our handy video here…

With our new smart lists feature you can do the following with your Twitter Lists.

  • Quickly curate Twitter lists from search keywords and hashtags. You can use multiple search terms. Great for making lists for brand mentions, events, conferences, contests and Twitterchats! Ember does all the work of filling in the lists for you.
  • Create reply rules for members of created list. You can always reply, never reply or reply normally.  Example: Create a VIP list and always get taskboard cards from your best customers or advocates, or if you are dealing with spammers/harassment throw those users on a list to never see taskboard cards from them.
  • Edit your lists and make your lists private/public with ease
  • Use Smart Lists with Meshfire’s Taskboard to easily filter and engage with conversations around a created Twitter list. Using our AI, Ember. We will pick out some of the best/most popular tweets from this list to display on your taskboard.  (See image below)

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.31.57 AM

How to get started with Smart Lists?

  1. Sign into your Meshfire account… Don’t have one yet? Go to to sign up!
  2. Go to your Settings and in the drop down go to Manage User Lists
  3. Create your new smart list
  4. Add related keywords, user names or hashtags. (Adding terms to a list only, will add ONLY people you follow talking about term)
  5. Add tracking terms if you want to add Twitter users to your list from all of Twitter.
  6. Make your smart list public or private.
  7. Sit back and let Ember find you users for your smart list.
  8. Go to your Taskboard and using the “Tags” filter on your left find your newly created smart list.
  9. Select list name and the taskboard will display Ember curated tweets from your smart list.
  10. Go forth and engage with your new smart list conversations!



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